Why is it, that despite your wealth, you're so

unhappy in midlife?

Hosted by Guy Mullon, former multi-million dollar hedge fund manager turned change agent for midlife men and woman.

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Are You in Midlife Misery?

Research confirms that despite your growing wealth, your happiness in midlife is probably falling sharply.

Leaving you with a sense of failure, regret, loneliness, a lost 'spark' and fading hope that you'l have a future with real purpose. 

It is tragic for any midlifer ... but for a small number of people it isn't like this ... and it doesn't have to be for you either.

The good news is that if you are in a mid life crisis, there is a way you can recover your 'spark' super quickly.

And if you are not yet in a mid life crisis (but heading that way), you can discover the keys on how to avoid one all together.

In this training you will learn exactly ...

How to Make The 2nd Half Of Your Life Better Than Your First

By turning your midlife slump into the pivot point for the rest of your life.

If that sounds like what you want, then this is where you start.

This is a FREE Online One Hour Training Class

Your Presenter

Guy Mullon is is a former veteran of the power industry in Australasia, corporate manager, hedge fund founder and energy executive whose exchange-listed futures and OTC trading business generated returns in excess of $50m at 30% pa (even during the GFC).  But when the worst happened, he found a way to turn a midlife career catastrophe into the catalyst for reinventing himself and taking control of his future.  Now a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach, Guy lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, 9 kids, his Irish Setter and assortment of farmyard animals.

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Is This For You?

This is a highly tailored transformational training program. If you can identify with more than one of these, then it is designed for you:

  • If you are male*, 35-55 years of age
  • and you are not bouncing up with energy each morning going to a job you love
  • you have disharmony at home with your wife and kids
  • you're losing confidence in your ability to make good decisions
  • perhaps struggling to make decision as well as you used to
  • your full range of talents and potential is not being recognized
  • you're finding yourself feeling more disillusioned, unhappy, lonely and less optimistic about life
  • your life just hasn't delivered what you expected, and you're not sure it's going to get any better ...

It is likely that you bounce around between feeling like you can achieve anything one minute, to feeling like a failure, alone and discouraged the next.  If that's you, then this training is for you.  No, you are not going crazy.  You are in midlife!

*Note: This training is designed with midlife men in mind, but all others are still very welcome!

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Some of What You Will Discover

This is some of what we will cover in our one hour together:

  • Why men and woman both struggle in midlife (but why it's historically more common for men)
  • Why it's mostly not your fault!  ... because of how the system drives you to the edge in midlife
  • What it will cost you (for your career, your marriage, your mental health) if you don't recognize the problem and act
  • How it might not be YOUR life you are really living (but how do you know?)
  • How your brain has changed from when you were a 20 something to 40 something
  • The 4 keys that will unlock your slump and give you your spark back
  • How to decide whether to ditch your career and make the leap to something else
  • How to get time back for yourself
  • The power of the Midlife Masters Triangle to help you manage midlife change
  • And, where you can find world class support to ensure you don't fail.

The Benefits

The end result ...
  • More peace and fun in your relationships
  • Restored self-respect, and liking yourself again
  • Renewed self-confidence in your decision making
  • Running with a vision for a future that YOU want to live (not how others want you to live)
  • Clarity of thought; so you no longer feel like you are going crazy
  • No longer looking back with regret ... looking forward with optimism 
  • A renewed will to live life and restored hope for the future.

Is it time for you to take charge of your mid life?  If it is, then grab your spot in the online training while you can.

Covid-19 has provided many people with a timely wake-up call to 'Reset' life.

Will you pass up the opportunity to plan a better future? 

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What Others Are Saying...

Many clients become much more than clients ... most also become friends. Here's what they say about Coach Guy.

"I had the privilege to be coached by Guy for a number of weeks and I can testify firsthand of his excellent coaching skills. He asked powerful questions which facilitated me from a deep awareness of my current situation to create a realistic vision of my dreams and passions. Through his skillful, empathetic coaching he journeyed with me in creating a strategy and action plan to reach my vision, overcoming any obstacles I encountered along the way."

Hank Zeeman
Myrtle Beach, USA

"Guy helped me out during a time of great stress involving my career. With his help, I now have a CFO role that is rewarding, suits my family situation, and provides me with a springboard for much more success. I am much happier now at home and at work."

Alan Sharman
CFO, Melbourne

"Guy has a passion for assisting others with a focus in particular for the brother looking to move his life from good to great. With years of successful experience in the corporate world and as a dedicated family man you’ll find Coach Guy warm, friendly and a Biblical Practitioner."

Richard Cherry
Indiana, USA

"During my coaching session with Guy, he continued to be fully engaged and present the whole time. He allowed me to take my time and process a very sensitive subject. I never felt rushed, pressured or misunderstood and because of that, the results were amazing. Guy is an EXCELLENT coach!"

Tracie Arboneaux
Washington, USA

What Is Holding You Back?

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