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Don't Stay Mixed Up!

Life can seem like mixed-up rubix cube.

You know there is a solution, but it's out of reach.

You're frustrated, disapointed in yourself, you've lost some faith in what you'd believed in, maybe regretting some decisions ...

.. and all the time conscious that you're getting older and you don't know if change is even possible. 

A solution is out there - you might even know how - but you lack clarity of thought and confidence in the path ahead to make it happen.

You need a personal coach.

To coach you to your next steps and to get your confidence and optimism back in your future.


Coaching is the Path To Your Future

What do you want that future to be?



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"Hi.  If you are normally a high achiever, but you're stuck and just heading too slowly toward your goals on your own.  If you are someone who has tenacity and commitment to see things through, but you're in a hole.  If you are someone who is prepared to challenge yourself & be challenged by others... then I want you to sign up for a virtual coffee with me.

Let's see how we can get you to the future you want..."


What Others Are Saying ...

"Coach Guy is an astute listener with the exceptional ability to ask skillful necessary questions in order to produce the best coaching experience outcome. I fully trust Coach Guy with the coaching process because of his outstanding ability and devotion to God and his clients."

Barbara Roldan
Michigan, USA

"I had the privilege to be coached by Guy for a number of weeks and I can testify firsthand of his excellent coaching skills. He asked powerful questions which facilitated me from a deep awareness of my current situation to create a realistic vision of my dreams and passions. Through his skillful, empathetic coaching he journeyed with me in creating a strategy and action plan to reach my vision, overcoming any obstacles I encountered along the way."

Hank Zeeman
Myrtle Beach, USA

"Looking for a coach that’s hand crafted by The Lord then Guy Mullon is that person. He has a passion for assisting others with a focus in particular for the brother looking to move his life from good to great. With years of successful experience in the corporate world and as a dedicated family man you’ll find Coach Guy warm, friendly and a Biblical Practitioner.""

Richard Cherry
Merrillville, USA

"During my coaching session with Guy, he continued to be fully engaged and present the whole time. He allowed me to take my time and process a very sensitive subject. I never felt rushed, pressured or misunderstood and because of that, the results were amazing. Guy is an EXCELLENT coach!"

Tracie Arboneaux
Washington, USA

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