Fix The Imbalance Between Work & Life To Love Both What You Do And Who You Are

I'm here to help you go from stress and conflict at home and work to loving all of life even if you feel you have no choices and no future.

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Do You Struggle In Your Personal Life With


Frequent conflict with your partner or kids over seemingly little things

The recurring thought that life wasn't supposed to be like this

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are your constant companions

Feeling alone without anyone who seems to understand

Stuck without options and a decreasing optimism about the future.


In Your Work Life


You've had some success, but you aren't free to enjoy it

Frustration with employees, contractors and others who don't perform to your expectations

Wondering whether all the work, time and emotion is worth it

Not wanting to lose what you have gained, but also thoughts that maybe you should chuck it in and do something else.

Imagine If Life Was Different?


Can you imagine what life could be like?

Having your personal life, home life, health and work all reading from the same page (and getting better every year)

If you loved your work again and found ways to get more done with less time, so you could spend time how you want

Optimism and hope for the future, with a plan to get there and the support to keep the momentum going

 A feeling of calm, control and power even when the pressure is red hot

Living life with purpose, liking who you are and waking up looking forward to the new day. 

"Today you have woken me out of my daze, I feel energized & excited about what is possible & I want to achieve it! Thank you Guy."

Jeannine, Melbourne

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Alan's Story

Alan knew something needed to change in his career when he called Guy.  Alan had been a self-employed financial specialist for many years, but the demands of the job with inconsistent income placed a large amount of strain on his home-life.  Alan needed a change before the stress and anxiety wrecked what Alan valued most.

Guy helped Alan land a new job as a CFO of a fast-moving tech startup, and then coached him through the first few months to ensure he made a strong impression in the complex pressure cooker environment.

That wasn't all though, for work/life balance, Alan needed more.  So Guy then helped Alan secure more flexible working conditions so he could better meet the needs of his young family.

New job, calmer home and excited about the path ahead.

Well done Alan! 

Alan Sharfman

What You Can Expect

Keynotes & Webinars

"Fantastic & insightful presentation to understand mental barriers & tools to enact change.  Thank you Guy!" - Nikki R, Melbourne

"I got a lot of value revisiting the neuro-science and breaking the failure cycle up and how to take ACTION" - Jenni, Rowville

"Thanks Guy! The preso was really thought provoking.  It's great way to get me re-focused and lock in my purpose." - Lynda, Port Melbourne

"I learnt about the potential to break through emotional barriers + ability to affect change with a simple solution." - Brett, Chirnside Park

"I gained more insight into how to overcome barriers to success; guidance on action to take to get to my goals. Thanks Guy!" - Maddie, Mt Evelyn


Barbara Rolden

Coach Guy is an astute listener with the exceptional ability to ask skillful necessary questions in order to produce the best coaching experience outcome. I fully trust Coach Guy with the coaching process because of his outstanding ability and devotion to God and his clients.

Hank Zeeman

I had the privilege to be coached by Guy for a number of weeks and I can testify firsthand of his excellent coaching skills. He asked powerful questions which facilitated me from a deep awareness of my current situation to create a realistic vision of my dreams and passions. Through his skillful, empathetic coaching he journeyed with me in creating a strategy and action plan to reach my vision, overcoming any obstacles I encountered along the way.

Tracie Arboneaux

During my coaching sessions with Guy, he continued to be fully engaged and present the whole time.  He allowed me to take my time and process a very sensitive subject.  I never felt rushed, pressured or misunderstood and because of that, the results were amazing.  Guy is an EXCELLENT coach!

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My Story ...

"I had just turned 40 and my career and life seemed to be going well.  I had left the Corporate world and co-founded a derivatives trading firm and was making lots of money. 

I was pretty proud of our 5-person team generating $50 Million in revenue in 4 years from nothing but an idea.  But behind the scenes, my home-life was on borrowed time.  Something was going to break.  But what?

Mercifully it was my job and not my family.  It has been incredibly hard starting again in midlife, but I have faced down my demons and have successfully transitioned into the second half of life helping others unlock their potential too.  And the loss of my business was a blessing in disguise.  Today, I better know who I really am, what I really want, the restlessness is gone, I know where I'm heading and I can like myself once more.

No longer will I be at risk of looking back with regret.  Today I look forward and know the rewards are on the other side of every challenge I face.

What challenge are you facing today?

I'd be delighted to talk with you about how together we can get you through to the rewards on the other side.

Click below, register for my next keynote, and then let's talk."


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You will be asked some questions to direct you to the services that best match your need.

Then, I'll usually recommend that you attend a free webinar or keynote that outlines the personal leadership journey ahead.  If you like what you hear, then we'll talk after that and plot a path forward for change together.

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