COVID-19 Announcement

Until further notice, all keynotes and in person workshops have been cancelled. These will resume when the Australian Government lifts human distancing restrictions.

In the meantime, we will be increasing online live substitutes, so you can join from the comfort and safety of home.

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Upcoming Events That Will Power Your Future

2-Day Live Workshop in Melbourne

The most consistent and observable trait of people who succeed at their goals is that they are action orientated.

But many things can slow or even stop our progress.

Find out how you can change that - and get more done in the next 90 days than you have ever done before.

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Total Focus 2-Day Workshop, Starting

Keynote Speaking


If you are looking for a powerful, precise and professional keynote presentation for your business, team or organisation, that will inspire and provide the tools to:

  • overcome procrastination
  • gain mastery over your doubts and fears
  • set goals that will actually be achieved
  • and much more,

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Mid-life Online Webinar

During a stage of life when you think you would have achieved the things that will make you happy, research says that midlife is actually the unhappiest stage of life for most people.

In this webinar, Coach Guy explains why this is the case and where to begin taking action to actually make midlife the turning point to a better life.

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