Do you want to know if you are exhibiting mid life crisis symptoms, or perhaps or mid-life crisis signs?. There are 22 common mid life crisis symptoms and 17 tactics to deal with mid-life crisis signs.

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Not only that, (discover the mid life crisis symptoms and midlife crisis signs), but I will also tell you exactly how to alleviate the 22 mid life crisis symptom and mid-life crisis signs. 

22 Mid life Crisis Symptoms


17 Easy-To-Do Activities That Will Help Alleviate Mid life Crisis Symptoms

We all need quick wins.  If you want something to go well for you today, then download this.  It will not only tell you if you are in a midlife crisis, but give you more than a dozen tactics you can use today to help you reduce stress, be more confident and reduce damage to yourself, your career and to others. 

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What's Included

22 Symptoms of a (Male) Midlife Crisis

With some research showing that 4 in 5 men will have a midlife crisis of some type, there are many common signs that men will exhibit.  Find out what they are here, so you can know if you are really just having a 'down patch' or are you really having a midlife crisis?

Hint: Does not involve any yellow Lamborghinis

10 Midlife Crisis Risk Factors

Some men have a higher chance of having a midlife crisis than others.  Discover what the 10 factors are that increase your risk of a mid life crisis.

Hint: ... and they aren't all what you would expect.

How high is your risk of a mid-life crisis?

17 Midlife Crisis Mitigation tactics

Here they are.  What you can start doing RIGHT NOW to reduce the symptoms of a midlife crisis.

Just as you might take head-ache pill when you have the flu, these tactics will help you alleviate mid life crisis symptoms while you address the core issues of a mid-life crisis.


2 Week Application Blueprint

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About The Author

Hi.  I'm Guy Mullon, Certified Professional Life and Business Coach.  I spent 20 years in corporate, funds management and start-ups until a mid-life career catastrophe threw everything I knew into question.  I had to start again, and in the process ask myself some hard questions about who I was, what I was doing and what I wanted my future to be like.  On the 'wrong side' of 40, time was marching on - it was now or never.

Today I help midlife men move out and up of what is often the unhappiest season of life.

This short download is designed to help you self diagnose whether you are in a male midlife crisis and give you some of the steps I used to mitigate the misery it causes. 

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mid life crisis symptoms

Discover the most common mid life crisis symptoms or mid-life crisis signs; exhibited when you are having a midlife crisis. There are common mid life crisis risk factors that exhibit themselves through mid life crisis symptoms and mid-life crisis signs.

discover the mid-life crisis signs

Download the pdf to find see if you have many of these mid life crisis symptoms or mid-life crisis signs.

Not only will you discover the mid-life crisis symptoms and midlife crisis signs, but you will also learn the 17 tactics that alleviate mid life crisis symptoms and mid life crisis signs. 


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