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Fix The Imbalance in Your Midlife Years

To get Your Mojo Back

.. and live the midlife years you actually love.


Success in your career doesn't guarantee success across other areas of life. If you're drifting day to day, lacking motivation and hating Monday morning, it might be time to reinvent yourself and plan a different future.

The years are ticking, so act now.

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Fix the Imbalance in Your Midlife Years,
to Get Your Mojo Back
... and live the midlife years you love


Struggling in Midlife?

Midlife is often a time when you realise life just hasn't turned out like you thought. Without changes, you could be heading into a midlife crisis.  Take my proprietary “Are You Having A Midlife Crisis Quiz,” to find out now (and then what to do about it).

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Finding your best future is my calling!

Having a successful professional career that kicked most of my financial goals left me short in other important areas of life.  After my high powered career crashed in dramatic fashion, I was facing personal unexpected and traumatic change.  I wasn't experiencing what I thought my midlife would be.

My usual strategic and analytical skills weren't enough as I began to doubt myself, dislike myself and grow fearful of the future.  What started as a quest to conquer my own challenges has turned into a system of coaching that helps many other men (and some woman) rediscover themselves, get motivated and begin change that leads you into your best self and your best future - without going crazy trying!

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Self guide (or with your coach), step through our unique system for self and future discovery designed especially for people in midlife.

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Today you have woken me out of my daze, I feel energized & excited about what is possible & I want to achieve it! Thank you Guy.

Jeannine, Melbourne

Barbara Rolden

Coach Guy is an astute listener with the exceptional ability to ask skillful necessary questions in order to produce the best coaching experience outcome. I fully trust Coach Guy with the coaching process.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I had the privilege to be coached by Guy for a number of weeks and I can testify firsthand of his excellent coaching skills. He asked powerful questions which facilitated me from a deep awareness of my current situation to create a realistic vision of my dreams and passions. Through his skillful, empathetic coaching he journeyed with me in creating a strategy and action plan to reach my vision, overcoming any obstacles I encountered along the way

Hank Zeeman

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Get started with my favourite course for midlifer's

and use midlife as a launching pad to build a legacy that you want.

You know great things aren't achieved when you just drift from day to day.  If the future seems 'blaah' and you wish Monday morning wouldn't come, then it's time to start building something of value, or purpose and that will last.

In a word, a legacy.

This course is a self-lead system to develop a new vision that leverages off your unique skills, ignites your inner fire, motivates you to take on new challenges and generates a compass bearing for your next steps - all without costing you what you can't afford to lose.

The Blueprint to a Midlife Legacy shows you how.

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"Get in touch and let's get started on getting the best version of you back so you can be at your best in midlife and beyound"

"Get in touch and let's get started on getting the best version of you back in midlife and beyound"