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Use The Isolation Time Wisely

We are living through an unusual season unlike any that most of us have lived through.  It is a season when change has been forced upon us.

For many it is a time of increased risk and loss, but it is also a season of opportunity.

For those who look for it and take action.

How will you and your team use this season if advance your personal leadership and equip your business to be stronger out the other side?

It is imperative that your staff:

  • Are supported with strong leadership and the resources to manage isolation
  • Stay engaged with your business
  • Are highly productive with what they can do during isolation, and
  • Are ready to be productivity and focused when they can get back to normal work. 

How will your business benefit from your staff increasing their personal leadership skills during isolation?

This live and free online training will show you and your team how to do exactly that.

From just 60 minutes of your time, you will discover:

  • How to adjust your goals to adapt to the current crisis.
  • How to develop a mindset of excellence - even when limited in movement and resources.
  • How your staff can overcome the increased worry, fear and doubt that they will be going through right now.
  • Why most people don't change from one year to the next, but how you can be one of the few who does.

Give your team and your business the ability to meet the challenge of rapid change.

The event is hosted by Guy Mullon, Aussie business and life performance coach, and someone with a track record of kicking big goals.

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Get More Done

Design the year you want, then overcome the tricks of the procrastination monster that is holding you back.

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Overcome Failure

Discover how to break out of failure that stops most people from achieving their goals.

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Master Your Mind

Develop a high performance and stellar productivity mindset for business and life.

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Embrace Change

Why most people struggle to change (even fear it); and how you can be different.

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Be Supported

Sports athletes have help to achieve their goals, so here's how you can be supported too.

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What you need to design the year you really want to live

Anyone can have aspirations, but most people don't complete them, and are left looking back at regrets over what might have been, wasted time, and feelings of failure.

The most consistent and observable quality of people who get what they want out of life is that they take ambition much further, to design right goals and then to take ACTION. Along the way they skillfully overcome the traps that derail most people.

If you have a track record of failed goals, then it is time you upgraded your skills. Grab your spot now at this limited-edition live online training, and let's make 2020 the one you design to deliver a year of what you really want.

Event Details

This is LIVE.  There will be NO RECORDED REPLAY.

Design The 2020 You Really Want

Live Online Training

Host & Speaker

Hi, I am Guy Mullon and I hope you are as excited about 2020 as I am. Most of us start the year ambitious and with great hope for what we will achieve. But research shows that over 90% of our New Year's plans fail. Not me, and not you if you join me for this 100% LIVE online training on how to design the 2020 that YOU really want to live. After 20 years in corporate Australia, then running a multi-million dollar derivatives trading firm, and now life and business coach, while at the same time running a family of 9, I've got a few secrets to share on how you can be more productive, overcome procrastination and make your goals stick in 2020. Will you join me in a journey that will kick off the best year of your life so far?

See you inside

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What People Are Saying About This Training

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Lynda T

"Thanks Guy! The preso. was really thought provoking.  It was a great way to get me focused and lock in my progress."

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"Today you have woken me out of my daze.  I feel enlightened & excited about what is possible & I want to achieve it!  Thank you."

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Nikki R

"Fantastic & insightful presentation to understand mental barriers & tools to enact change.  Thank you Guy!"

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