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What Others Have Been Saying

Below you will read how other attendees have benefited from this talk - and it's FREE!

"I gained more insight into how to overcome barriers to success; guidance on action to take to work towards meeting my goals. Thanks Guy!"

Maddie, Mt Evelyn

"Small incremental goals lead to achieving your ultimate big goals. Small steps lead to change, it doesn't happen over night!"

Sarah, Lilydale

"Getting insight in the different stages of achieving goals, especially mental mastery"

Katie, Chirnside Park

"Learning about the potential to break through emotional barriers + ability to affect change with a simple solution."

Brett, Chirnside Park

"Motivation to set goals and take realistic steps in achieving them. Also, to use visual tools."

Debbie, Lilydale

"Very interesting to note that our decisions & non-decisions are based on our past thoughts.  That I need to stop worrying about the past & focus on the future."

Lorinda, Chirnside Park

"Learning about mental barriers that affect us reaching our goals and how many thoughts we think in a day! Thank you Guy for a great presentation!"

Mel, Coldstream

"Enjoyed learning about how much our subconscious can affect our goal setting + achieving goals. Easy to absorb information, would like more :)"

Primrose, Emerald

"To remove my feelings, behaviour & focus from the past to the now and moving forward. To see myself gaining strength through me controlling my thoughts and my journey for a positive future."

Nicole, Chirnside Park

"The why and understanding how these procrastinations happen in the mind. I want to now look forward and break the 90% thoughts of the past.."

Nicole, Lilydale

"Today's session has encouraged me to go toward my future goals; not to procrastinated."

Claudia, Bayswater


"I learnt that my comments/thoughts of myself have an impact on my going or not going ahead professionally."

David, Bayswater

"I am now more aware of why my past goals have failed and that more smaller steps are required to achieve them. Also, I am aware I need to change my self-talk"

Melissa, Mulgrave

"Knowledge & wisdom - gems of information; reasons for procrastination; now know how important visualisation & self-talk is."

Sue, Mt Evelyn

"Acknowledging where I am at, knowing I am not alone - procrastination is an actual thing! I have got good plans but great to hear where people fall into traps - I can relate to this.  Now I'm able to improve my scripts"

Melinda, Mulgrave

"Failure cycle was eye-opening and really useful :)"

Teagan, Ringwood

"Thanks Guy! The preso was really thought provoking.  It's great way to get me re-focused and lock in my purpose."

Lynda, Port Melbourne

"An understanding of how the 'brain is running your life' and how I can use it to change my future."

David, Ivanhoe

"I got a lot of value revisiting the neuro-science and breaking the failure cycle up and how to take ACTION"

Jenni, Rowville

"It never ceases to amaze me how much of our own life we spend in thinking about the past. I would love to change that! And I like how this also makes us realise that we are the only ones that can make this happen."

Pooja, Vermont

"The power of visualisation - we know about the sports world but why don't we do it in personal & professional life"

Diana, Malvern East

"Fantastic & insightful presentation to understand mental barriers & tools to enact change.  Thank you Guy!"

Nikki, Melbourne

"Today you have woken me out of my daze, I feel energized & excited about what is possible & I want to achieve it! Thank you."

Jeannine, Melbourne

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