Do You Want Your Midlife Years to be Years of Regret or Significance?

Discover the 3-piece code expert mentors, coaches and psychologists use to take you from midlife slump to developing a life of optimism, purpose and lasting legacy.

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Stop the Drifting ...

and get clarity over what the next season of life looks like for you, by working out what's next for your upcoming life and career choices.

Millions of people suffer the same challenge in midlife - so it's not your fault you're stuck.

The good news is that you can stop the slide, get unstuck, and launch into the second half of your life that you again love waking up to each day.

This course shows you how.

It's Like Having A Personal Coach on Call

Giving You All The Tools You Need To Build The Second Half of Life That You Want To Live.

This is the exact code that I use as a midlife specialist to guide men and women to get clarity over the life and career decisions that drive a job worth getting up for, achieving lasting significance and being the fun, energy filled selves again that they used to be. 

Just like Erik*, who was disillusioned after 25 years in corporate life.  He'd achieved CEO status, but his career and monetary success was no longer enough, and he was feeling like he had lost faith in the life he was living. A life awakening lead him to Coach Guy, and through implementing this code, he is achieving in midlife significance to go with his past success.

Erik* is real, but my clients value their privacy, so his name has been changed and stock photo used.

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What Future Do You Want?

Imagine being able to look forward with confidence and optimism to your future, free from the fear of regret and loss?

Imagine being able to look back on a life of legacy that lasts for eternity while still meeting your daily responsibilities to your family and others?

To create a second half of life that adds deeper significance to your existing achievements.


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Hi, I'm Guy Your Midlife Specialist

Since 2018 I have been working with those who have the same challenges as you. Stuck in midlife, needing deeper meaning in work and life,  wanting change but not knowing how.

I'm now a fully certified midlife coach, but there was a time when I had the same challenging midlife awakening. As a former professional in energy, financial derivatives and investment, I had monetary and career success, but not the plan I needed to spend the second half of my life living with lasting purpose.  It took me half a decade to work out the code to building a significant second half of life.  Now I'm sharing it with you in the Blueprint To a Midlife Legacy Program.

I know you'll be greatly encouraged and challenged as you gain the tools you need to add a lasting legacy to your existing achievements.

Sign up now, and I'll see you inside. 

The Blueprint To A Midlife Legacy Program will give you

A New Vision

Dig a deeper well of meaning that encompasses all areas of work and life. When you find your vision, everything about your future becomes exciting and has purpose. I show you how to find your next vision. 

The Right Plan

Most people in midlife know some things in their life need to change.  But most don't know where to start, how to proceed and how to complete what they've begun. Develop your midlife strategy right here.

Stay On Track

Staying motivated and on track is a challenge 99% of us face when slowed by obstacles of many kinds. But there are ways to stay focused and on plan through the hard things that come.  I'll walk you through how.  

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Here's What You Get

  • 3 x 1 hour online video course to complete at your own pace, covering Vision, Planning and Staying On Track
  • 9 downloads of tools and other resources for you to translate your discoveries into your midlife legacy plan
  • Bonuses, including extra case studies, resources and additional course material to accelerate your journey to your best future
  • Your own password-protected online library with bonus resources to help you with specific challenges in privacy and confidence.

Included Bonuses


To add even more value to the Blueprint To Midlife Legacy Program and to give you the best chance of achieving success, I also want to give you these bonuses worth $350

One on One Coaching

Individual coaching is the surest way to gain the 'ah-ha' moments necessary to gain new perspectives and overcome stubborn obstacles.

Normally a coaching session is $249, but you get one whole hour with Coach Guy for free.

Value: $249

Thrive Through Change

How do we go from thrilled by life to losing energy and feeling like we have nothing to look forward to?  How did that happen and why? That's change coming, and to thrive through you need to be prepared. This course shows you what's changing and how to handle it.

Lesson 3 incl. Value: $49

Discover Your Core Values Program

Unless our decisions are aligned with our core values, we can never be content. Search out your deepest values and how they influence you with the included Core Value Compass program, included free for a limited time.

Value: $49

More About The Bonuses

Extra Bonus #1: One on One Coaching

Spend one hour with Coach Guy to get personalized guidance on your journey through midlife.

Meet with an internationally professionally trained & certified coach for one hour to get astonishing clarity on the problem you're facing, the changes you want, a strategy on how to get started and preparation for the obstacles you will face.

Clients come away astonished with what can be achieved in even one session.  Use the session either to accelerate application of what you learn in the course. Alternative, use the session for professional assistance on some other need.

Value $249

one on one coaching limited offer

Extra Bonus #2: Thrive Through Change

Get one lesson from the landmark course Thrive Through Change.

I ask nearly all my midlife coaching clients to go through Thrive Through Change lesson 3 because it opens their eyes to the cycle of change they have been going through, why they have been feeling the confusion, discouragement and lack of energy for change.

This lesson has been known to by itself completely change the depressed and hopelessness feelings of clients towards their circumstances into emotions of optimism, patience and preparedness for their future.

One lesson value $49

Extra Bonus #3: Core Value Compass

Get in touch which what the core traits are that drive your reactions to others & the world around you.

Core Value Compass is a simple yet powerful program to discover the values that at the heart of the way you think, speak, and react to others and your environment.  If you don't know your core values, then you are at risk of:

  • reacting negatively to others without really knowing why
  • making decisions that you come to regret, and
  • being unable to say NO when you should

Core Value Compass will be added to your online library.

Value $49

core value compass bonus

Your Investment

You can get all this living anywhere worldwide


one time payment

  • Blueprint To Midlife Legacy online video course 
  • 9 free downloadable resources
  • Bonus case studies & other resources
  • One hour one-on-one coaching
  • Thrive Through Change single lesson
  • Core Value Compass discover your core values program

Limited Time 2021 Special

This is a special launch price that will expire on 30th May 2021 when the free coaching will no longer be included.

Save over $249 by getting INSTANT ACCESS and all included bonuses.

We also now also accept QOIN and some other crypto currencies (but it requires a different checkout process. Please contact us if you wish to use crypto).

For Australian residents, you get all this for

AUD$197 inc GST

one time payment

  • Blueprint To Midlife Legacy online video course 
  • 9 free downloadable resources
  • Bonus case studies & other resources
  • One hour one-on-one coaching
  • Thrive Through Change single lesson
  • Core Value Compass discover your core values program

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If you're not entirely satisfied with the content and product, notify us by email within the first 28 days and we will fully refund the money you paid for the program (and you can keep what you've download and completed. Bonuses, once used invalidates refund.)

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