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Return and Refund Policy

Returns and Refunds Policy

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Please read this policy carefully. This is the Return and Refund Policy of

Digital products

Non-Refundable Products

The conditions listed here do not negate your legal rights and responsibilities under the law of the state of Victoria, Australia.

Products or services provided as a BONUS as part of a package or product or service are not refundable.

Refundable Products

The Following Products are Refundable with 7 days of purchase

  • DISCOVERING YOU assessment and coaching session
  • STRENGTHS MAXIMIZER assessment and coaching session

A refund for these products will not be made if notification is received after 7 days of purchase.

The Following Products are Refundable with 60 days of purchase

Subject to the following conditions:

  • notification of a request for a refund must be provided in writing.  Email with electronic proof of delivery will be accepted, and
  • notification must be received within 60 days of purchase, and
  • completed workbooks must be returned before refund payment will be made
    • workbooks can be returned electronically, or
    • by post to: Refunds, 13 Coldstream West Rd, Coldstream, Victoria, 3770, Australia

Products subject to these conditions include:


A refund for these products will not be made if notification is received after 60 days of purchase or the above conditions are not met.

Coaching products & services

The conditions listed here can not super-seed or negate your rights and responsibilities under the law of the state of Victoria, Australia.

Included Products

This applies to the following products:

  • PLAN to WIN strategy session
  • All coaching session products

Coaching is provided either in a one-on-one or group setting and can be delivered online or in person.

Coaching sessions that have been used or completed are non-refundable.

Coaching sessions that have not been used are refundable subject to the following conditions:

  • when full upfront payment has been made
  • notification of a request for a refund must be provided in writing at least 48 hours before a Scheduled Coaching session
    • A Scheduled Coaching session is when a date and time for coaching has been either set-up by the client, or has been set-up by the coach and accepted by the client, and
  • a notification has been sent to [email protected]

Where coaching sessions have been purchased as part of a package, and payment has been made in full in advance of delivery of some of the products, refunds will be provided on a pro-rata basis on the remainder after non-refundable products have been deducted first.

Example (illustrative purposes only):

Packaged Payment:  $8000

Non-refundable products: $1000

Coaching sessions included: 36

Coaching sessions completed: 4

Refund calculation: $8000 - $1000 - ($8000 - $1000)/36 x 4 = $6222

Applies only when full payment has already been made.

Payment Plans

These conditions apply to any products provided on a Payment Plan unless otherwise stated.

A Payment Plan is where any product purchase has been made under a condition of payment on a weekly or monthly payment schedule or as a set number of fixed payments, rather than as an upfront payment.

When you buy a product on a Payment Plan, you agree to make each and every payment as outlined in the provision of the product.  A failure by us to receive cleared funds will be considered a violation by you of this policy.

Refunds are not provided for past cleared funds received by us (payments made in previous payment periods) under a Payment Plan.

When a refund or cancellation of a product or service is requested (subject to other conditions in this policy), it is the responsibility of the purchaser to cancel future payments through their payment provider.  We will not be held responsible if a purchaser fails to cancel future payments with their payment provider.  Any part or full refund of payments not stopped by the purchaser will be solely at our discretion.  

All other products not listed 

For all other products and services not listed, we issue refunds within 30 days of the original purchase of the product upon receipt of written notice, so long as the product has not been used and is returned in 'as new' condition.

Digital products must be deleted by the purchaser, and not copied or distributed to any third party.

General Conditions

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

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