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Join me for live online training on how our proven PRC Formula takes business principles from battling procrastinating employees to a highly productive workforce that will power your business through Covid-19 (without threats or micro-managing).

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"Leading Your Team Productively Out Of Covid-19"

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How You Can Power Through The Chaos Of Covid-19 

If a friend with a business rang me right now and asked me ... "Guy, I've got a business that is in lock down right now, and my team isn't doing what needs to be done to make it through this thing, .... what should I do?"

I would say:

Number one, you need to know that it's not about motivating your team with stick and carrot tactics, or micro-managing nor waiting it out and hoping for the best.

 Hope is not a business strategy.

 It's about following the PRC productivity formula that empowers your team with the self leadership to willingly align their focus with your goals.

 It is a critical problem for most businesses.  A UK study found that on average 65% of employees' day was unproductive.  This translates to 5 hours of an 8 hour day completely wasted!

That stat is unlikely to be better during Covid-19 isolation.

I wish that more people knew how empowering self leadership is the key to defeating procrastination and getting productivity on track - without any need for heavy handed people management.

That is what this training does.

It shows you what is possible and how to empower your team and your business to power through Covid-19 like pros.

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Who Is This For?

Are Your People Asleep At The Wheel?

Anyone who resonates with these challenges:

  • You are a principle or owner of a business and your 'team' is not performing to expectations right now
  • Your people could be making much better use of this 'slow period', but they aren't 
  • Your people could use an upgrade to their self-leadership skills
  • Procrastination is a problem
  • Complacency or in-action are eating away at productivity
  • You or your people are more stressed, emotional and worried about the future
  • There is a chronic problem of things being started, but not finished to expectations
  • Your people are working as individuals and not a team
  • Your management style just doesn't seem to be working
  • The next most important thing simply isn't getting done often enough.

In a nutshell, you have a team of people who are asleep at the wheel.

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Take Action!


Get What You Want

Discover the one key thing you need to consistently be able to do to get what you want - even in difficult times.

Overcome Failure

During crisis, some things fail.  Things end.  But you & I need to understand how failure plays an essential role in future success.

Smash Your To Do List

Certain disciplines are far more important in a crisis than in good times.  Ramp up the ones that will unlock your power to get more done.

And so much more...

50 minutes that will also give you:

  • Reveal the way your brain impacts your emotions, actions and physical responses - how to use these relationships in a crisis
  • Where fear, doubt, worry come from and how to beat them so they don't beat you
  • The 3 daily practices you must do during a crisis.

What Past Attendees Are Saying

Sarah, Lilydale

"Today I was encouraged to keep going, because Guy you reminded me that small incremental goals lead to achieving your ultimate big goals. Small steps lead to change, it doesn't happen over night!"

Pooja, Vermont

"It never ceases to amaze me how much of our own life we spend in thinking about the past. I would love to change that! And today Guy you have shown me that I am the only one that can make it happen."

Jeannine, Melbourne

"Today you have woken me out of my daze, I feel energized & excited about what is possible & I want to achieve it! Thank you."

Ready to Level Up Your Practical and Mental Skills in Times of Chaos?

Today is the day! There has never been a better time. Let's do this!

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