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3 Things to Focus On During Covid-19 Lockdown

covid19 stress Aug 04, 2020

I live in Melbourne, which has just gone into the strictest Covid-19 lockdown rules in the world:

  • 8pm - 5am curfew
  • Most businesses shut, including all retail
  • You must have a document signed from your employer to say you can go to work if it is an essential business
  • Only one person can shop for food once per day
  • Limit to 5km radius from home.

Understandably this is going to create an enormous stress on 5 million people in our state.

We can not change the rules under which we must live, but there are things that we can focus on to improve our ability to get through challenging times, and ensure we are in the best possible place when the challenge ends.

I recorded this video this morning during my early morning exercise to share those 3 keys.



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