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Unsure if You Are Having a Midlife Crisis? Take the Free Assessment

assessment midlife crisis May 29, 2020

I probably won't surprise you to hear some of the reports I am hearing of a great many number of people struggling during the current world-crisis of Covid-19 and the measures implemented to contain it.

They do not make for pleasant reading.  But I can't say that I'm surprised either.

The Washington Post, for example, has this headline:

I'm not surprised because the struggle through modern times was already difficult, without the current crisis adding far more pressure and uncertainty-causing stress.

My particular area of interest and work is with a demographic that is often assumed to be doing far better than they actually are - midlifers - people in the 35-60 age range.

Consider this chart: The happiness U-curve that shows that midlife is on average the unhappiest season of life... and this was a long time before Covid-19.

Midlife Struggles Are The Norm Not The Exception

I'd like you to understand that if you are struggling in the midlife years - yes even in crisis - then you are the norm, and not the exception.

This is important because the damage is done when people believe they are the problem and that they are alone.

If this is you - then please know you are not alone.

Midlife is a time of transition.  It's normal and it's difficult - especially if you insist on negotiating it alone.

You don't have to.

My research suggests that going through a midlife alone will take you upwards of 7 years to come through the other side, but with help that can be reduced down to between 6 and 18 months.

The place to start is knowledge - an objective assessment of where things are at.  Ideally, this should be done in the presence of a coach or counselor, but the next best thing is this assessment I have created.

 Midlife Crisis Quiz - Are You Having A Midlife Crisis?

In the video I refer to an assessment (or quiz) I created to help people get started on the path of greater personal self awareness that must proceed deciding what action to take.

I encourage you to take the quiz and not just look at the results, but reflect on your answers to the question I asked you.

I also hope it encourages you to get in touch and let's just have a chat.  No harm, no foul and no obligation to do anything.

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