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"Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want more out of life." ― Chicago Tribune



There was a time when the idea of professional tennis players having a coach was unheard of.  It simply wasn't considered necessary.  Today, no one gets to and stays at the top unless they have a team of 'coaches' - optimizing the technical, mental and physical demands of talented players.

Why should your goals be any less important?

Top business executives, performing artists, business owners, even some politicians have known for decades the necessity of coaching to help them bring their ideas into reality.

  • "For years, CEOs of some of the most successful and largest companies have relied on executive coaches. Henry McKinnell, CEO of Pfizer, Meg Whitman
  • "Many of the World's most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching. Annual spending on coaching in the US is estimated at roughly $1 Billion Dollars." ― Harvard Business Review 
  • "I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities." ― Bob Nardelli, former CEO, Home Depot 

The reasons being that:

  1. Coaching works, and
  2. That the pace of life, business and the demands on us to cope are increasing all the time.

"Coaching takes you from feeling like you're always underwater, to getting back in charge of your time, your energy and your future."

- Coach Guy

Find Out How

Alan's Story ...

Alan was on the shortlist for a new job as a CFO of a fast-moving tech startup when he called Guy.  Alan had been a self-employed financial specialist for many years, and Alan wanted the job, but he was worried and stressed about how the change would go for him and his family.  In a matter of weeks, not only did Coach Guy help Alan quickly adjust to the new high-pressure demands of the work environment and expectations on him, but Alan also managed to secure extra highly flexible working conditions that were more favorable to his young family. 

If a Miracle Happened...

Imagine if you woke up in 6 months time and the problem that is keeping you awake at night, stressing you out or just plain frustrating you was suddenly solved?

How would your life be better than it is today?

What would that be worth to you?

Your problem might seem like it will take a miracle to solve, but by working on it week after week with a professional coach, perhaps it can be solved just the same.

Contact Coach Guy to explore if the change you're seeking is a candidate for coaching.

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Your Coach

"I was a high-performing energy professional, Executive Director & Portfolio Manager of the best performing energy trading company in Australasia.  But I also had a wife, 8 kids, a farm and my own life.  I was squeezed and struggling to juggle all the balls in the air.  Something had to give.  Lucky for me, my business broke and not my family or my health.  That brought on a 4 year period of searching, of coming to terms with major changes in what I was, what I did and what I would do.  Today, I now I help others as a Certified Professional Life (& business) Coach (CPLC) be and achieve their very best in their demanding lives.

Would you like me to help you?"

The COACHING180 Program

will give you:


Empires of the world must first begin as thoughts in the mind.  Gain greater clarity over what you want and why, so you can reduce distractions and remain focused.


Discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible.  Why? because it is outside your existing perspective that the keys to the changes you seek usually lie.


Prioritize what is really important, and defeat the twin monsters of distraction and procrastination so you can find the time to get done what is important to you.


Grow your ability to lead and influence others by developing the right strategies and increasing your emotional intelligence and relatability.


It is no use to anyone to come up with ideas and even road-maps that remain unused.  Coaching is results focused - getting you life-changing results.


Change is hard enough without trying to do it alone.  Gain an objective, safe and professionally trained source of encouragement, perspective and accountability with world-class support.

What Others Are Saying.

Some of Coach Guy's coaching clients.

Barbara Roldan

Coach Guy is an astute listener with the exceptional ability to ask skillful necessary questions in order to produce the best coaching experience outcome. I fully trust Coach Guy with the coaching process because of his outstanding ability and devotion to God and his clients.

Hank Zeeman

I had the privilege to be coached by Guy for a number of weeks and I can testify firsthand of his excellent coaching skills. He asked powerful questions which facilitated me from a deep awareness of my current situation to create a realistic vision of my dreams and passions. Through his skillful, empathetic coaching he journeyed with me in creating a strategy and action plan to reach my vision, overcoming any obstacles I encountered along the way.

Tracie Arboneaux

During my coaching sessions with Guy, he continued to be fully engaged and present the whole time.  He allowed me to take my time and process a very sensitive subject.  I never felt rushed, pressured or misunderstood and because of that, the results were amazing.  Guy is an EXCELLENT coach!

Here's what you get when you enroll


  • 6 months of 1-on-1 personal coaching (that is 18 one-hour coaching sessions delivered online)
  • Between coaching session 'check-ins' to give your progress a boost and immediate responses to your questions
  • Your own online coaching portal & library, which is your home for all your coaching needs.
  • Support package that includes email support and phone support during local working hours.

Get Access To Exclusive Bonuses

There are three amazing bonuses you get for free if you sign up today!



Any high-performer knows that success is 20% mechanics and 80% mental.  The battle must be won in the mind to win on the ground.  This mini-course is a fast-track intensive on how to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to win at the mental game.

Includes it's own downloadable workbooks for you to plan and implement your progress.



DISCOVERING YOU personality assessment & bonus coaching

How well do you know yourself?

The THRIVING through CHANGE road map requires that you have a strong awareness of what makes you tick and why you respond the way you do to stimuli.

The DISCOVERING YOU personality assessment will raise your awareness of yourself to a level it's never been. 

AND, it is not just an assessment, but an in depth report and bonus one hour coaching session to go through your results and how to apply them.




STRENGTHS MAXIMIZER  assessment & bonus coaching

Many of us are preoccupied with our weakness.  We are only so aware of what we are NOT good at, that we don't pay enough attention to what we ARE good at.

Today, that changes.

The STRENGTHS MAXIMZER is an assessment completed by more than 20 million people.  Combined with an in-depth report and special extra coaching session, you will discover what and how to use your strengths to maximize your progress through change.


Total Value of Bonuses $697

Pricing Options

For AUSTRALIAN residents. Prices incl GST.

6 payments AUD



18 coaching sessions

Between coaching session 'check-ins'

Your own coaching portal & library

email & phone support package


1 - TRAIN YOUR BRAIN mini-course

2 - DISCOVERING YOU personality assessment & application coaching session

3 - STRENGTHS MAXIMIZER assessment & application coaching session


Single payment AUD



18 coaching sessions

Between coaching session 'check-ins'

Your own coaching portal & library

email & phone support package


1 - TRAIN YOUR BRAIN mini-course

2 - DISCOVERING YOU personality assessment & application coaching session

3 - STRENGTHS MAXIMIZER assessment & application coaching session


Pricing Options


6 payments USD



18 coaching sessions

Between coaching session 'check-ins'

Your own coaching portal & library

email & phone support package


1 - TRAIN YOUR BRAIN mini-course

2 - DISCOVERING YOU personality assessment & application coaching session

3 - STRENGTHS MAXIMIZER assessment & application coaching session


Single payment USD



18 coaching sessions

Between coaching session 'check-ins'

Your own coaching portal & library

email & phone support package


1 - TRAIN YOUR BRAIN mini-course

2 - DISCOVERING YOU personality assessment & application coaching session

3 - STRENGTHS MAXIMIZER assessment & application coaching session


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"These offers are for one-on-one coaching, and so require a substantial commitment by me.  I only have places available when coaching ends for other clients.  Places do come up as clients achieve their goals."

CLICK below to check place availability.



NO LOCK-IN CONTRACT.  So if you are not entirely satisfied with the coaching, I have a money back guarantee.  Any unused coaching sessions will be refunded or not charged if payment has not yet been made (under payment plans) excluding any assessments or third-party products that have already been purchased or completed.  Bonuses are non-refundable, but yours to keep.  See our Refund and Returns Policy for more details.

"What's really driving the boom in coaching, is this: as we move from 30 miles an hour to 70 to 120 to we go from driving straight down the road to making right turns and left turns to abandoning cars and getting motorcycles...the whole game changes, and a lot of people are trying to keep up, learn how not to fall."

John Kotter
Professor of Leadership, Harvard Business School

"Does coaching work? Yes. Good coaches provide a truly important service. They tell you the truth when no one else will"

Jack Welch
Former CEO of General Electric

"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable."

John Russell
MD, Harley-Davidson Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

YES!  As the coaching is delivered online, you just need access to a good internet connection with the ability to hear and be heard across the internet.

I also require that you speak English as that is what I speak.

We recommend the following:

  • a computer or tablet (with a screen)
  • a headset with microphone and headphones
  • (optional) internet camera.  Coaching is enhanced if your coach and you can see each other.

A mobile phone can also be used, but our experience is that a larger screen works better for the client.

Yes, and no.  Some you do, some you don't.  Any bonuses that we need to pay third party-providers for can not be refunded.  This includes at least the DISCOVERING YOU and STRENGTHS MAXIMIZER products.  The value of these will be deducted from any refund.

The total you have paid will first have deducted from it the cost of non-refundable bonuses.  The remainder will be divided by the number of coaching sessions you were entitled to, with the value of the ones you have had so deducted.  You will be refunded the rest for unused coaching sessions.

For example:

Total paid $8000.  Non-refundable bonuses $1000.  Coaching sessions entitled to, 36 and used 4.

Refund= $8000 - $1000 - ($8000 - $1000) / 36 x 4  

= $6,222

(example only, real figures will differ).

There is an enrollment process to maximize the chances of your coach and you working well together.

This involves an assessment, and should also include one of the free 30 minute calls available on the website.  From there, you will need to complete a Coaching Agreement and a New Client Intake Form.

There is an enrollment process for new clients to determine if you and I are likely to work well together and to make sure you are coachable right now.  If you do not pass, it is possible for you to try again.  However it is advisable that you address any issues as to why you were not accepted before trying again.

Start your journey today

Great things happen when you leave your comfort zone. Start your journey their today with COACHING180.

More About Your Coach

Coach Guy, CPLC CIV B.Sc. (Hon)

Coach Guy lives in Melbourne, Australia and has been married for over 24 years and has 9 children.  After 20+ years in wholesale electricity & gas, derivatives trading, funds management and IT startups, Guy has re-trained as a business and life coach with CIV qualifications in Australia, and CPLC qualifications from an ICF certified coaching school in the USA.

Coach Guy brings to you a unique combination of life and business experience with highly developed coaching skills that will help you thrive through your life change.

"I love helping clients discover that new thought ('the 'ah-ha' moment) that changes everything in their lives.  When high quality people invest in themselves and in their future, amazing things happen.  If that's you, I'd love to hear from you.  Check availability for the COACHING180 program now."

Coach Guy.


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