Covid-19 Announcement

All live public speaking has been cancelled while the Covid-19 outbreak remains at a level that the Australian Government mandates restricted groups and distancing.

However, we are increasing the frequency of live webinar keynotes.  Make contact through the form below for more details.

Looking To Inspire Your Team?

Galvanise Your Team and Motivate Action

Guy is a dynamic results focused performance coach who has a passion for unleashing your potential in business and in life.

Guy leverages his 25+ years of experience and success to bring you a keynote presentation that will fire up your business teams to get more done and work better together.

Your audience will come away with life-changing insights into how to overcome procrastination and defeat the mental action killers like fear and doubt.

Guy will show your team how to think in a way that gives you such a competitive advantage - it's almost cheating! He covers topics such as:

  • ​What a mindset of achievement looks like
  • Where to start when you are plagued by in-action

  • Why it is that most people never achieve even a fraction of their goals

  • How you can reshape your thinking to train your brain to shape your future.

Before building a career in coaching, Guy was a veteran of the Australian corporate world in the merchant energy sector, and also achieved a great deal of success in the high pressure cut-throat world of derivatives trading and funds management, leading a team of just 5 people to create $50m in trading revenue during the GFC.

Guy uses this experience with businesses, teams and individuals on a one-on-one basis and also runs short, sharp, powerful public and in-house employee workshops designed to be a call to action and help people snap the back of procrastination.

Guy teaches that anyone can achieve anything they want, by setting a clear vision, developing accurate self-awareness, following a proper goal setting process, getting out of their own way and building emotional horsepower and having the on-going support and accountability to keep to your commitments.

Contact Guy today to book your public or team presentation of 45 minutes of practical and inspiring content.

Guy's keynote is not just another talk. Be prepared to reach new heights in attitude, behaviour and tools to achieve more in your year ahead.

Guy is available across greater Melbourne and other areas by negotiation.

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"Fantastic & insightful presentation to understand mental barriers & tools to enact change.  Thank you Guy!"

- Nikki R, Melbourne

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Free Keynote Available

Don't pay for expensive speakers when you can get Guy's keynotes free of charge*. Please enquire to find dates available.

*Travel costs may be incurred.

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Defeat Procrastination

The dreaded 'P' word is the thorn in the side of even ambitious people.  Discover where procrastination comes from and how it is defeated in your life and business.

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Become a Mind Master

No thoughts are harmless, so high achievers must learn how to become masters of their own mind and emotions. Become your own mind master.

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Complete Your Goals

Few people complete the goals they set because of the mistakes they make.

Learn what those mistakes are and how to set up your goals for success every time.

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